About Us

Bonsai Art is’ an established name in Bangalore, in the field of Bonsais has been providing professional, affordable services to the corporate, business and private clients of Bangalore. We are renowned for our high quality bonsai’s, custom designed art’s to reflect one’s individual taste, exquisite artistic presentations and most of all, our reasonable pricing. 20 years of experience has led us to handle the simplest the most unusual requests with perfection!
Time specific execution of client’s orders has been our strength and earned us the admiration of our clients. At Our Home Grown Nursery Site, you can relax and enjoy all aspects of this fascinating hobby.
Bonsai Art is more than just a nursery or bonsai shop. Bonsai Art id a home-grown Bonsai Nursery, was started off by a bonsai enthusiast for bonsai enthusiasts. We are more interested in sharing with you the art of bonsai than just selling you a tree or pot. There is always a warm welcome awaiting you. We have visitors from all over the Bengaluru and neighbouring states who come here to view our artistic Bonsai Trees.

Bonsai Uses

  • Bonsai trees can be an amazing Gifts for your beloved one in the occassions like weddings , Birthdays , Anniversary , Return Gifts etc. And Since Bonsai are long-lived , it's a gift that truly symbolizes the eternal nature of relationship.
    Bonsais Survives for decades with simple Care.

  • Outstanding Center of Attractions
  • Bonsai trees can be kept in your balcony,gardens or terrace garden which will have a positive viberations around you. we do Bonsai Lanscapings etc.

  • Corporate Gifting
  • Gift your Clients or a live gift from nature and help to spread greenery around you.

  • Advantage of Bonsais
    • Growing and trending to bonsai tree is a worderfull hobby and a great stress reliever.
    • Working with bonsai trees can make you a more peaceful person.
    • Bonsai Trees can Clean and Puriefy the air in your home and office.
    • Successfully growing and Caring for a Bonsai tree can leave you with great sense of accomplishment which is very good for your health.

    Our Products

    We offer variety of bonsais :-

    • Flowering bonsais
    • Fruiting bonsais
    • Tropical tree bonsais suitable for Indian climate
    • Bonsai landscaping / bonsai terrace garden
    • All the bonsais are offered in a beautiful ceramic bonsai pots.